Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Language: LISP (1).......

Lisp (LISt Processing) is a very old language (1958).
; for line commenting
script extension is .lisp
CLisp is common lisp.
terpri function outputs a newline to output-stream. (TERminate PRInt line)
String printing
(write-line "Autumn leaves make me happy")
(write-line "I love picking them.")
(write-line "His authored a book titled \"Eternal peace.\"")
Autumn leaves make me happy                                                                     
I love picking them                                                                             
His authored a book titled "Eternal peace."
Case-sensitive comparison
(write (string= "hi" "Hi"))
(write (string> "hi" "Hi"))
String case conversion
(write-line (string-upcase "winter is almost here."))
(write-line (string-capitalize "sun sets very early."))
WINTER IS ALMOST HERE.                                                                
Sun Sets Very Early. 

(write-line (string-downcase "PLUMERIA FLOWER IS VERY FRAGRANT."))
(write-line (string-capitalize "seaweeds are algae."))
plumeria flower is very fragrant.                                                     
Seaweeds Are Algae.
Stripping the spaces
(write-line (string-trim "   Its a cold night   "))
(write-line (string-left-trim "       Owls are hooting."))
(write-line (string-right-trim "Bats are flying    "))
(write-line (string-trim " "I"    I an scared."))

Finding length of string
(write (length "Chaparral flora"))
; pull all characters except the number 1 character
(write-line (subseq "Chaparral" 1))
; pull the character only at index 1
(write (char "Chaparral" 1))
Sorting the strings (ascending, descending order)
(write (sort (vector "milk" "egg" "fruits" "vegetables") #'string<))
(write (sort (vector "milk" "egg" "fruits" "vegetables") #'string<))
#("egg" "fruits" "milk" "vegetables") 
#("vegetables" "milk" "fruits" "egg") 
Joining strings (order of strings vary based on < or > symbol used).
(write(merge'vector(vector "tulip" "hibiscus")(vector "rose" "jasmine")#'string<))
(write(merge'vector(vector "tulip" "hibiscus")(vector "rose" "jasmine")#'string>))
#("rose" "jasmine" "tulip" "hibiscus")                                                              
#("tulip" "rose" "jasmine" "hibiscus")  
Reversing a string
(write-line (reverse "Calley pear blooms are spectacular."))

Joining strings
(write-line (concatenate 'string "I like hiking." "Nature fascinates me."))

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