Monday, July 25, 2016

Breast cancer: Information and hypotheses.........

Breast tissue is made of adipose cells and lympatic glands..
The suspected gene BRCA1 is on chromosome 17 and BRCA2 is on chromosome 13
ER (estrogen) -positive cancer:
Luminal A cell lines: MCF-7 and T47D
Metastatic: MDA-MB-231

Common endocrine-disrupting agents: aluminum, prabens, triclosan, phthalates, perfumes
#Mammograms test detects tumor in breast tissue. However, its radiation itself is not safety-proof. Accumulated radiation doses can initiate mutation itself.

#Persistent infection and allergen exposure can cause lymph gland to swell. sensing danger, aromataae enzyme iwll overexpress, producing estrogen, which can cause hyperplasia...

#Its a good piece of information to know that some tumor disappear undetected, untreated. That means, if the source of inflammation or abuse is removed, the signalling is likely to correct and immune attack is likely to subside. Proteasome complex might degrade the offensive proteins.

#As prevention is always better than therapy, one must not abuse body through bad lifestyles.
Healthy lifestyle includes simple, minimally-processed balanced food,  lower exposure to chemicals (pesticides, cosmetics, cleaning agents, food additives), physical activity, vitamin D from sun, stress-free life..

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