Sunday, April 3, 2016

Blog tricks: Conversion to pdf..

 Convert your blog to a PDF and a Word file

  1. 1. First export your blog e.g. a Blogger blog Go to your blog’s dashboard and look for Settings/Other
  2. 2. Download the .xml file to your hard drive To do this go to Dashboard/Settings/ Other/Export blog/Download blog
  3. 3. Keep the file stored on your hard drive – it is quite safe!
  4. 4. The .xml file looks quite unreadable!
  5. 5. Open Instructions are provided for three blogging platforms
  6. 6. Choose your settings in BlogBooker and get started Import your .xml file Create your BlogBook!
  7. 7. These are the options I chose
  8. 8. Your PDF is done! Before you know it is available as a PDF! Click here.
  9. 9. Save your PDF
  10. 10. Edit your PDF by converting it to a Worddocument with Free PDF to Word Converter
  11. 11. Download it and install it on your computer to use
  12. 12. You can now easily edit your pages!

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