Wednesday, March 16, 2016

IT (9): .NET/ASP.NET.......

.Net is  a framework with web-related functionalities.(object-oriented).
.Net allows to write windows applications, web applications, web services .
Its compatible with many languages, including C#, C++, Visual Basic, JScript..
Mono is a version of .NET framework  that includes C# compiler and runs on multiple OS.ASP.NET is a data-driven, web application framework to build dynamic web sites. (based on C# or Visual Basic.NET, JScript, J# language).
ASP.NET along with HTTP, enable browser-server bilateral communication. It encompasses many controls to generate HTML pages.
page state:  user input information
session state: global information of a session
Tool to build ASP.NET application is the IDE Visual Studio.
#This IDE can be used for web services, desktop applications, mobile applications.
ASP.NET klife cycle: Application & Page

user------>browser------>web server------>response object
request page------>initialize------>load------>rendering------>unload

#Open the file from a browser to execute it

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